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[art] Generation Kill medieval!AU
Generation Kill medieval!AU

King Nathaniel
, the young prince who then is throned to be a leader at an early age because the king, his father, died of the plague.

Sir Bradley, the valiant knight, the leader of the King’s Knight, who sometimes also act as the advisor to the young king.

Ray, the kingdom’s blacksmith entrusted to make the knight’s and king’s armors and weapons. A lifelong friend of Sir Bradley.

Walter, a traveling sorcerer who appointed as the kingdom’s physician after he helped Sir Bradley fought against an evil sorcerer who wished to overthrown King Nate.

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[art] I See Only You, Brad/Ray

I See Only You

“I took the wrong turn and our vehicle got fucking blown up, Brad! And now you are blinded for the rest of your life and it’s MY fucking fault!”

“It’s not your fault, Ray.”

“You fucking say that again and I’m gonna fucking gut you, you asshole.”

“Yeah alright, it is your fault. But I never say I blame you.”

art, Brad/Nate

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art: Top Gun!AU

“Come on, Avril. Play time’s over. Hitman wants us back on deck.”

Ray can hear Brad’s voice over his headset. “’re such a party pooper, Iceman. One more lap?” He flew his jet next to Brad’s. Ray take this chance to show Brad his cutest puppy face.

“You’re not that cute, Avril.” This time it’s Poke.

“Gotta land this thing. We’re low on fuel.” A voice comes from behind him.

Ray checked his fuel meter. The needle drops dangerously low although he’s sure he can at least make a fly-by and make Griego shit his pants.

“Av.” Ray can sense the threat in Walt’s voice. Ray is contemplating. But then Iceman keeps nagging him. But as much as he wants to mess with Griego, he might also have to deal with Hitman. And although Hitman is one of the nicest trainer they have, he wouldn’t want to pissed him off.

“Fuck.” He finally says. “Whatever you say, Cowboy.”

“Finally.” Brad called the base. “Hitman, this is Bravo. We’re heading home.“

“Copy that, Iceman. Good job.”

fic: Everything is Make Belief Except Our Feelings
Title: Everything is Make Belief Except Our Feelings
Author: terebi_ko
Pairing: Brad/Ray
Summary: AU. Everybody had an imaginary friend when they were kids. Brad's just happens to stay with him longer.

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Title: Now Stand On One Leg And Kiss
Author: terebi_ko
Pairing: Brad/Ray/Walt
Summary: Walt and Ray found Brad's chocolate liquor stash.
Warning: teeny weeny mention of daddy!kink.

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fic: the problem with brad colbert
Title: the problem with brad colbert
Author: terebi_ko
Pairing: Brad/Ray
Summary: Brad's hiding under the car again.

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fic: (untitled)
Title: (untitled)
Author: terebi_ko
Pairing: Ray/Walt
Summary: Vampire!AU. Ray would do anything to keep Walt with him forever. But is 'eternal life' is what Walt aim for?

“I can help you.” Ray said.Collapse )

fic: I Dreamed A Dream of You
Title: I Dreamed A Dream of You
Author: terebi_ko
Pairing: Brad/Walt
Summary: Brad takes a drink everytime he sees Walt smiles. And Walt smiles a lot that night.

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fic: Ray Is Not A Drop of Golden Sun (But Walt Is)
Ray Is Not A Drop of Golden Sun (But Walt Is)
Author: terebi_ko
Pairing: Ray/Walt, unrequited Brad/Ray
Summary: Pianist!AU. In which Ray owns a hand-me-down upright piano that he got from Brad, and Walt plays Listz at wee hour on Saturdays just to piss Ray off.

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