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[Arashi Household Series] Dinner for Two
arashi household

Title: Dinner for Two
Authors: terebi_ko
Rating: G
Pairing: Jun+Ohno
Disclaimer: *sigh* If only they were mine...
Summary: Why eat alone when you got company?


Jun opened the door to a dark entrance hall, which means that the house is empty. Sho’s still at work, and so is Aiba. Nino is probably at the game arcade near the station while Ohno, well, God knows where he went. Jun could only guess that he went fishing.

After taking off his boots, he hung his coat and shawl on the hanger and went to his room to get a change of clothes. He put his bag on the bed and then walked to his drawer for a pair of training and sweater from the drawer. After changing his clothes, he went back outside to the kitchen to get something to eat.

He checked the rice cooker and was glad to find enough rice in it. And after hesitating in front of the opened fridge, he finally decided on broccoli and chicken, and also leftover pasta sauce to make a simple stir-fry. He’s also in the mood for soup so he grabbed the miso paste sitting on the back corner of the fridge besides Aiba’s mentaiko.

Back when he was in college, he used to work part-time job in a Chinese restaurant. And after that, ramen shop. The next is Italian. For some reason, he always ended up working in a restaurant. That’s how he got his cooking skill. He can’t really say that he’s an expert chef, but he sure is better than the rest of the people living here with him.

He tossed the frying pan with one hand and added a pinch of pepper. His other hand stirred the miso soup in the hot pot next to the frying pan after adding the tofu, seaweed, and scallion that he cut earlier. He spooned the soup and tasted it. After feeling that it’s done, he turned the gas knob and shut the fire off. Usually he would put the food in a nice bowl or plate and lined them up neatly on the dining table before letting the other guys know that dinner’s ready. But at a time like this, when he’s all alone in the house, he would simply drag a chair and place it in front of the stove. Then he would sit there, eating straight from the frying pan.

He was about to have his first bite when a voice came from behind him,

“What are you cooking?”

Jun let out a high pitched shrieked and almost knocked the frying pan off.

This made Ohno chuckled.

“What the hell!” He turned on his chair and squinted his eyes trying to look within the dark room. “Satoshi? Is that you?” Jun panted while holding his chest.

“Sorry.” Ohno said while rubbing his eyes with his fingers.

“Were you home all this time? I thought the house is empty.”

“I’ve been in the art room since morning, and I kinda fell asleep there.” The older man grinned as he walked closer to Jun.

“Don’t you EVER do that again! I think I my heart stopped beating for a while ago.”

“Okay.” He said. Now that Ohno is close, Jun can see that his face clearly shows that he just woke up with his short hair sticking out everywhere.

Ohno looked at something behind Jun’s back. Jun followed his eyes and realized what he was looking at.

“Want some?”

Ohno nodded.

Jun smiled at the sudden sparkle on the artist face and dragged a chair and placed it beside his. “Sit down,” He gestured with his chin. “I’ll get you some rice.”

Ohno dragged his feet to his chair and took a seat. Jun arrived a few moments with a bowl of hot rice on one hand, and chopstick and spoon for the soup on the other hand. Ohno took it from his hands and then waited for the younger man to sit beside him.

Then Ohno looked to Jun on his right. “Let’s eat.” And although his face shows exhaustion from painting all day, the smile on his face seems to lighten up the dimly lit kitchen. Ohno picked up a chicken with his chopstick and put it in his mouth.

The older man sighed. “Jun-kun’s cooking is the best.”

Jun has heard that line hundreds of time now, but somehow, it still made him blush. He forced himself not to grin and just nodded. “Thanks. Now eat your miso before it gets cold.”

  • 1 sweet.. thank you for sharing :D

i was like *ITS OUT!!!!* when i saw this post... XD
cute as always XDDDD
juntoshi fluff XD

Ohno is lucky that Jun is there to make him dinner ^^

awwwwwww it's like an old married couple =D XDDD

aaaawwwwww...ohno-chan know well how to melted jun-chan's heart!!love it..

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